The Online Authority Transformation Program

Are you finally ready to make social media work for you?

Find your online voice, build your digital confidence, and become your industry's go-to authority

Just imagine the possibility...

  • Waking up each morning to calls booked from dream prospects that you’ve never even talked to
  • DMs from industry influencers you admire wanting to connect or catch up
  • Dozens of social media notifications from people loving your last post
Discover if Power Your Platform Is Right For You
Kasey jones - Power Your Platform

This ain't your first rodeo...

You're in one of two camps...

Option 1: you've been attempting to build your personal brand online for years.

You have tried it all.

  • You've joined the challenges and completed the bootcamps.
  • You’ve taken the courses and downloaded the guides.
  • You’ve used the templates and followed the advice.


And you’re not sure what’s worse:

  • That you spent hours on a post to get only 3 freaking likes from your friends
  • That you've wasted precious time and money only to flounder in public
  • Or that everything you try feels awkward, icky, and like it’s meant for 23-year-old Twitter bros (psst…because it is!)

Big shocker: the advice that worked for those kids to sell $47 digital products doesn’t work to source c-level executive clients for your business.

Option 2: You've been doing hours of research, planning, and imagining, only to get so overwhelmed that you do absolutely nothing.

You keep telling yourself you'll get to it, but then never find the time.

You watch these kids in your industry with half your experience being viewed as thought leaders and experts. And it kills you.

It’s frustrating, but it’s also embarrassing as hell.

In the real world…

  • You have decades of experience in business
  • You are a well-respected professional
  • You know your sh*t

That’s why it feels so damn painful to keep bombing online–in public, in front of friends, colleagues, and the high-caliber clients whose respect you're trying to keep.  

Or sitting on the sidelines watching life, opportunity, and dream clients pass you by, year after year.

It makes you want to crawl into a hole and forget that social media even exists.

But you can’t escape the feeling…”I should be able to do this!”

You see people in your industry (most with half your experience) killing it on social and wonder, “What do they have that I don’t?”

When you’re honest with yourself, you know that you want to be seen as an industry leader, a true expert for the work you do. You want it—baaaaad.

And deep down, you know you can do it, but you need someone to help you figure out finally how to make it work for you: your style, your personality, and your business.

Find Out if Power Your Platform is Right for You

See what past students have to say

Power Your Platform is designed for experienced professionals.

(Not 20-somethings with zero business experience)

You might be a beginner on social, but you're a pro at work.



You’re an experienced consultant, agency owner, freelancer, or coach who’s ready to take your online presence, business, and life to the next level.



You’ve still got a day job, but you’re imagining a future of entrepreneurship and want to start laying the foundation for future financial freedom.



You’re a startup founder & want to build your online authority as a well respected leader in your industry to attract customers, candidates, and investors.

More Testimonials from PYP Members

Welcome to Power Your Platform.
I got you.

I know where you are because I've been there. And every member of the PYP team has too. I designed this cohort for experienced professionals ready to become known online as the experts their clients know them to be in person.


For Experienced Entrepreneurs

Even if you’re a beginner on social, I know you’re not a beginner in business. I teach you how to simplify your decades of experience for social media, but without doing anything that feels fake or icky.


No Time Wasted

You don't need another chore. You have a business to run and no time to waste. I teach you the systems and strategies to consistently create killer content that attracts ideal clients so you can grow your business—in less time.


Overcome Your Fears

You’re scared of saying the wrong thing. I’ll teach you to develop an experimental mindset and build your digital confidence so you can stop worrying and start growing.


You Won't Be Alone

You won’t be alone. Being consistent becomes 10x easier when you have the support and accountability of a group. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Simple But Not Dumbed Down

You need simplicity to cut through the overwhelm of social, but you also need a plan appropriate for your high-level of experience, expertise, and professionalism.


Continuous Growth

The kind of sustainable, scalable success you seek takes longer than a 4-week cohort or a $150 digital course. That’s why I built Power Your Platform as a 6-month program to launch your growth quickly, but then compound it over time.

Explore if Power Your Platform is Right for You

Meet Your Guide

Kasey Jones Platform Launchpad

Kasey Jones

Kasey is founder of A Better Jones. She has coached, consulted, or mentored 1000+ startup founders, CEOs, and solopreneurs to accelerate revenue growth by building brands, buyer journeys, and customer experiences that turn strangers into raving fans.

As an early believer in the power of an authentic personal brand, I have trained 100s to embrace what makes them different to build enthusiastic and engaged audiences. I've worked with startup accelerators, VC firms like True Venture Partners, and brands like Gwen Stefani's GXVE.

I have also amassed an audience of 177k+ across LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram by authentically sharing my stories, insights, and expertise.

I created the launchpad because I was like you...

I know what it's like to have expertise that isn't getting the attention it deserves. And having those moments of doubt whether you'll ever be able to make this thing work.

What it's like to see people with 1/10th the experience getting more impressions—the frustration that gets into your bones (and the feelings of jealousy that royally suck too).

I also know what it's like to follow the standard playbook and be perplexed when it's not working. And then spend months or years trying to figure it out for yourself.

I've tried the experiments. Deconstructed successful people. Posted to crickets. Posted and gone viral without any clue how to do it again. Flirted with clickbait and content that wasn't authentically me. Sent awkward DMs. Received even more awkward ones. The vulnerability. The confusion. The huge ups. The deep downs.


I developed this program to help experts like you gain the visibility, credibility, and authority you deserve without having to make all the mistakes I did.

To give you an experience that sets you up for success and then compounds your growth — so you can get to work making content, building relationships, and generating money instead of banging your head against the wall or wondering how the heck to get started.

I’ll get you into a high-performing mindset, free from self-doubt, procrastination, and imposter syndrome, so you can end feast-or-famine and finally grow your authority and your business.

I found the secret to finding your authentic voice and standing out online...

The problem with most personal branding advice is that it’s one person explaining what worked for them, assuming that it will work for everyone else. It won’t. 

To achieve the kind of online growth you know you deserve, you need to do it your way

And how do you find your way, you ask? 

Through consistency and experimentation.

You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it.

So, Power Your Platform is designed to push you to stop overthinking and start writing. Then, we help you run strategic experiments to quickly discover what works for you so you can stop wasting your time on everything that doesn’t. 

Two magical things happen when you consistently experiment.

1. You learn 10x faster.

Because you take action with the express purpose of learning.

  • Who is your ideal audience
  • What topics you should cover
  • How to write engaging content

2. You build confidence 100x faster.

When your goal is gathering information, instead of going viral, it reduces the pressure on you to write perfect posts (psst...those don't exist), and you start having fun.

I've seen it dozens of times now.

Experienced professionals adopt an experimental mindset, and what once seemed so freaking scary now feels like a juicy challenge they're ready to tackle.

In Power Your Platform, I teach you to use experimentation to discover what captures your ideal audience's attention quickly and makes you feel like a leader while you do it. 

Then, I help you apply an experimental mindset to every aspect of your business so your growth compounds.

Experimental Mindset

I teach you how to let go of perfectionism and the suffocating self-doubt that comes with it.

Instead, you'll develop the mind and attitude of a scientist (but a fun one), running small simple experiments that help you gather data, learn what works, and find online traction—fast.

Consistent Confidence

You will build the confidence that comes from action.

You'll quickly discover that putting yourself out there online isn't so scary after all, and you can be as bold, confident, and empowered online as you are off.

(probably even more)

So, what is the Power Your Platform experience all about

PYP is a carefully curated community, training library, and group coaching experience designed to help you compound your growth over 6 months. 

Rich Content & Resource Library

Power Your Platform gives you access to an ever-expanding content and resource library with videos, worksheets, tutorials, and AI prompts helping you learn how to grow on LinkedIn, attract life-changing business opportunities, build and grow a profitable business, and become the version of you able to achieve your wildest dreams.

Weekly Writing Sprints & Reviews

Every week, on Zoom, we give you a writing prompt, and then everyone keeps their video on and microphone off, while we all write for 45 minutes. Then, we invite students to share what they wrote, ask questions, and get feedback. 

Weekly Strategy Q&A

Every week, I host business and content strategy Q&A to help you clarify your ideal audience, refine your offers, and improve your positioning. You'll be driving tons of organic traffic from social to your business, and we want to help you make the most of it.

An Inner Circle of Like-Minded Professionals

You will grow faster and further when you have the support and accountability of a community. This group is filled with people who are excited to put in the work and show up for themselves and others.

Advanced AI Tools & Resources

We have a true AI guru on the PYP team who creates AI tools and resources designed to help you leverage the benefits of AI without losing your authenticity in the process.

Biweekly Workshops

Every 2 weeks, we go deep into a new topic to support your LinkedIn, business and personal growth. Have a topic where you need help? Just let us know and we'll add it to the list.

Access to Past Workshops

We're building a comprehensive archive of past workshops, and you'll gain access to every single one of them. Each recording is packed with actionable insights you can absorb at your own pace.

Masterclass Recordings

Dive into our collection of masterclass recordings and conversations with industry experts eager to share what worked for them and how you can do the same.

Tailored Support

We believe in a co-creative environment. That's why we're committed to evolving our offerings based on what our members need. Your feedback and requests directly shape the support and resources we provide, ensuring you get the best possible aid throughout your journey.

Power Your Platform is for you if...

  • You're an experienced business professional. You may be a beginner at social media, but you're not a beginner at making money.
  • You want to be surrounded by people who have done this successfully or who are on the same path as you.
  • You're ready make meaningful change in your business, both in terms of profits and impact.
  • You're sometimes blocked by fear, uncertainty, lack of consistency, or not knowing what to do. You'd rather put your energy elsewhere.
  • You want to stop struggling to attract new business and instead have dream clients seek you out because they know you're the perfect person to solve their problems.
  • You're committed to investing in yourself, your content, and your network to reap the rewards of building an authoritative personal platform.

The Next Step is Yours

This transformative program is designed for you - to crystallize your visionoptimize your digital profilebuild strategic relationships, and develop a content engine that brings in clients and sales.

It's to turn you into the kind of authentic, money-generating social authority you know you can be.

The only question left is: Are you ready to take the next step?

Answers to your FAQs:

It's natural to have questions. Answers to some of the most common ones are here:

I haven't started my business yet (or am just getting started). Is this course for me?

Most likely. You'd be a fit if:

1) You have experience in business (although maybe not your own business), and

2) You have a general idea of who you want to talk to and what you want to talk about.

In this case, we can help you hone in on the best target audiences and topics for you and start building your business with intention.

What if I can't attend the live events?

All live sessions will be recorded and posted into the course portal.So you'll get the video and all the exercises, etc.The only thing you'll miss is any live activities or breakouts that happened live during the session.

I already have a pretty successful business. Is PYP fo rme?

Yes. In many ways, PYP is designed for people who have started something and are ready to take it even further.

Instead of spending time on questions like, "What business should I build," we're more focused on, "how can I grow even faster by using social media, content, and networking."

Will I get to network with other successful entrepreneurs?

If our past courses are any indication, we tend to attract a top-tier group. People who are uniquely talented. People who are already successful and ready to turn it up even further. People who care about making an impact as much as they care about making money.

It would not be unlikely that the relationships you build here end up being worth more than the course, even as overflowing with value and bonus sessions as it is.  

Most other cohorts I've taken have been dominated by 20-somethings, early in their career. Is this going to be the same?

Hell no! While we don't ask people for their age, we'd guess that the average age of our students is 45-55.

This cohort is specially designed for people with decades of business experience. You have unique challenges and opportunities that we address.

What if I don't see any improvement in my business?

If you diligently apply the concepts in the course and don't see any improvement, simply reach out within 30 days and we will refund your investment.

The 24 Hour Gut Check

If you impulsively sign up and, within 24 hours, suddenly realize that this isn't right for you, just send us an email, and we'll refund your order.